Chuang Chung-wen Prize in Literature

In 1987, Chuang Chung-wen, the chairman of Chuang’s Consortium International Limited and consultant of the Chinese Literature Foundation, initiated and funded this literature award for the young literary creators. The award is dedicated to carrying forward the Chinese culture, promoting and flourishing Chinese creation, incubating of new talents, enhancing national literacy quality, as well as facilitating domestic and international cultural exchange. The award is for young writers under the age of 40.

Since its inauguration in 1988, 144 young writers including Jia Pingwa, Wang Anyi, Su Tong, Zhang Kangkang, Liu Heng, Yu Hua, Chi Li, and Fang Fang have won awards, making outstanding achievements in imbuing youngsters with virtue of tradition Chinese culture.

In 2020, the award will be renamed to “Chuang Chung-wen Chinese Non-FictionLiterature Award” and will be held every twice years. The Award will be jointly organized with Chinese Non-Fiction Literature Research Institute, the Chinese Writers Association of East China Normal University.

Hotelsáv’s The Gallery Floor of Love Group Art Exhibition

Hotelsáv, located in Hung Hum, owned by Chuang’s Consortium International Limited, is the first hotel in Hong Kong to integrate arts with charity. It was the first themed hotel to cooperate with the Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong (ADAHK), which aimed to discover the artistic creativity of talented people with disabilities. Hotelsáv showcased the work of 20 young disabled artists on the exclusive guest rooms and corridors of the The Gallery– Floor of Love art floor. Through arts exhibition, it inspired generosity of spirit, creativity and promoted social inclusiveness

In addition, Hotelsáv will donated 15% of the room income of The Gallery– Floor of Love to the Hong Kong ADAHK and Make a Wish Hong Kong Fund. In addition to featuring unique artists with love and care, it also promoted an inclusive society for everyone.

“Battling Against 16 Degrees: 1,000 People Paper Fan Origami Moving Showroom”

Chuang’s Consortium is a responsible corporate citizen and is devoted to use its expertise and resources to support different environmental protection organizations and charitable associations, taking lead in fulfilling the commitment to “Combat Extreme Climate”. The Group participated in the “Battling Against 16 Degrees: 1,000 People Paper Fan Origami Moving Showroom” organized by South China Media in September 2018, to spread the message of environment friendly and call for public attention to global warming and extreme weather.